I’ve been wanting to make a canvas tote bag for a while. I like the sharpness of the heavy duck canvas, and the defined edges and the sturdiness of it. This was my trial run, but it turned out so well I’ll feel good about adding it to my market table in February. I do want to make one for myself too at some point. This would make a great teacher bag–just the right size for hauling a stack of papers home. I lined it in a starry night print with a little sparkle in it, and added some rivets to the handles for a little bling and extra sturdiness.

I’ve added a couple more Alaska wristlets to the stack too.

I also tried out a thin foam liner which makes for a zip pouch with a nice defined shape and would be a good protection for anything delicate like jewelry, or even essential oil bottles.

It’s fun to pick out contrasting zips and linings for these.

Deer pouch

Finishing up a couple quilted items this weekend, lest I forget that this is what Sandpiper is all about! The bags are a fun sideline. 🙂  I took in several customer quilts this week and am ready to get the longarm humming again.

These bags and pouches will all be for sale in Bethel at the Valentines Day Weekend Saturday Market. If you see something you like and want to buy, let me know! Zip pouches are $20, wristlets $30 and tote bag $50.


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