feb market1

Had lots of fun at Saturday Market this weekend. Half the fun of the market is the social aspect. Not a lot of places to be social here in Bethel (an Alaskan bush village for those not in the know of where I’m located), and it’s super nice to catch up with acquaintances and friends, listen to Ben play guitar,  and get a taco from Rosa and a milk shake  (milk shakes don’t count as desserts, by the way, because I gave those up for Lent and I’m really good about keeping Lenten promises.)

I’m so curious about what will sell and it’s been a guessing game deciding what to spend time sewing. I had several people suggest putting wristlets on my pouches last time and I liked that idea too, but those, in the end, didn’t sell! I did sell my two larger/more expensive canvas totes fairly quickly and took a special order for a cross body canvas purse. Luckily I really love working with canvas, and especially combining it with quilted pieces.

A couple days ago I sent my husband a text message that was supposed to be a question about the battery he asked me to pick up at the store. But instead of typing “battery” I typed “zipper.” Because I was in the middle of looking at zipper options. I have an old flip phone, the kind where you have to type a number several times to get the right letter to come up. Z-i-p-p-e-r was a several second operation.  So husband suggested maybe I take a break from the bag sewing after the market and maybe get some nice quiet, relaxing knitting in. Sure, sounds great. But surely auditioning fabric for a bag for myself, doesn’t count, right? And it couldn’t hurt to start cutting a couple little things out, I’m sure. I’m going to participate in the Seneca Creek Sew-along and sew myself a bag.  I really like this bag pattern! I’m looking forward to sewing along with the group.


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