I got all organized with a detailed to do list Friday night for the weekend, but it was just so nice out! 60s on Saturday and probably today as well. We walked by the river after church this morning and watched the ice chunks float out. I thought they sounded like a fancy party if you removed all other sounds than ice clinking in glasses and drinks being pour and glasses clinking in toasts. And Paul thought it sounded like a crystal chandelier blowing in the wind. We sat on the rocks and ate breakfast. Without a camera, sadly. How about a picture of Swede instead?

Swede in knots
Swede got her paws in a twist over being left home.

There was still some sewing, however. I finished some curtains and tablecloths for a customer/friend with beautiful taste in everything including fabric. And I’m using my new Sandpiper Stamp everywhere I can. (It’s on the bag too, of course.)


I’m testing out an idea for a custom bag sewing up some red canvas that I didn’t think I really liked, and now I really like it. Does it remind you of anything? A vintage airline bag? Seriously . . . Google “red and white vintage airline bag.” My grandmother used to bring us little red and white bags that the airline gave away in the 70s and we thought they were the best ever. These colors make me all nostalgic.

airline bag

I started this horse bag a while ago and it is just sitting around taunting me until I’m more caught up. I bought a couple leather coats at our local consignment store that I’ve been cutting up, and this works so well with the canvas Cotton and Steel mustang fabric. And– bonus!–the belt will work great as a strap!

horse bag

And, to make up for being inside a chunk of time on this beautiful day, I get to look at the fruits of Paul’s green thumb. We’re going to surround the deck in nasturtium’s this summer!



2 thoughts on “High Ambitions

  1. I already gave it to the customer…two tablecloths (lengths of fabric just hemmed, but I got fancy and mitered the corners) and two curtain panels. I was too lazy to take it out and photograph it after I folded it so nicely. 😉

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