The summer started off with grand plans. I had lugged my machine through 4 airports en route from Alaska to summer break in the Midwest, along with a tote of fabric and a carefully crafted list. I had a ton of fun setting up a sweat shop at the farm with my Mom, my very favorite sewing buddy, and she and I got into a fantastic production sewing assembly line routine. 

Wallets, wallets, more wallets. 

And then I got to the lake. 

There was lots of fishing and not so much working!

And, sadly, most of July and half of August was spent with my dear Mom in the hospital. A bright spot, literally, in those long and worrisome days and nights, was a beautiful quilt made by Mom’s sewing friends. She was so touched by the gift of that quilt 2 years ago, and it was definitely a gift that kept on giving, giving her and all of us comfort, and a reminder of how loved she is. 

Thanks be to God, and some dedicated health professionals, Mom is starting the long road to recovery. And I am back and settling in to AK life again. My first quilt is back on the machine, with 4 in the wings, and I am working on custom bag orders as well. I have openings for quilts and custom bags starting mid-October. A huge thank you to my customers for their patience! 

I did do some fun sewing over the holiday weekend and will close this long overdue update with picture of these bags in the works, both patterns from Two Pretty Poppets.


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