I took my first spring Tundra walk this weekend and it’s always a joy to see those first plants coming up and feel the squishy tundra underfoot again.

What an appropriate time to announce a new venture for my growing company: Home Sweet Tundra bags!

The Bethel area has a wonderful small business grant program called Best in the West. Finalists go through a series of trainings on writing a business plan, market analysis, financials, etc, and conclude the program by presenting their business plans to a panel of judges. I am grateful to have been a part of the group this year and it was a great experience. I was able to identify some challenges and set goals to make my business more sustainable. I was awarded a grant that has given me the ability to purchase an industrial machine which will save me time and give me more flexibility in what I can make.

I am also very excited to announce, thanks to Best in the West, that I will be able to commission local artwork to screen print a line of bags featuring art depicting tundra plants and berries. As a prototype I hand lettered the first design in my line, and have been working out some bag designs for the Home Sweet Tundra line. As well as registering a copyright. šŸ™‚

Transferring my original artwork to a screen for printing, and then to fabric

I added several simple HST totes and clutches to my market table today and only came home with a couple items! Thanks, Bethel, for getting excited about my new line! I can’t wait to bring you more.

Packing for market.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Tundra

    1. Hi Dana, I don’t yet. But if you follow me on instagram or Facebook I try to post pictures of new items. You can message me if you see something you want and I can send you a link for online payment and ship to you there in Dillingham. Thanks for asking!

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